Girls Club

Girls Club is a group for pre-teen girls aged between 10-13 years and the significant adults in their life.

Welcome parents, step-parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and special friends…

I invite you to bring your pre-teen girls for a series of afternoon sessions rich with meaningful conversation, activities and sharing.

I believe that it is vital for kids to discuss issues in a safe place with trusted adults and friends.

Girls Club provides a supported environment for curiosity to flourish.

These discussions strengthen communication between girls and adults before the teen years, providing a solid foundation for girls to make wise and informed choices through their adolescence.

Girls Club strengthens lines of communication between girls and their adults, and builds strong friendships between girls.


  • Pre-program orientation session for the adults

  • Healthy snacks and drinks provided for each session

  • 6 x Sunday afternoon sessions covering the topics of relationships, bodies, emotional & mental health, sex, self-care and safety

“I can't speak more highly of Girls Club. I was amazed at how open the girls were, particularly as the topics were so relevant and raw for them. I loved the way the sessions were facilitated in such a professional manner and allowed us to consider so many important topics in our own personal ways. I am so glad that my daughter had the opportunity to ponder topics with other girls under the guidance of Addy with her love and wisdom. If only girls club could be a normal part of our lives, each fortnight for years to come. We look forward to the next round of sessions for tweens/ young teenagers.”