Unsatisfying relationships leave you feeling powerless.

Honey in the Heart helps you to get clear and go for the life you want.


I invite you to join me on a journey of transformation…


together we will dive deep into your personal truth


We will

tenderly reveal and integrate

any obstacles that hold you back from enjoying deeply rewarding relationships

Honey in the Heart is a one-on-one coaching experience.

This is a chance to discover the kind of relationships you can experience when you let go of limiting fears and embrace personal empowerment and resilience.


This journey will:

Deepen your self-awareness

Uncover your personal truth

Develop your ability to thrive on your own & in relationships



  • you live with frustrating relationship patterns

  • you experience dejavu about the circumstances of your life

  • you cycle through repeating patterns of thinking

  • you act in ways you know don’t serve you, but feel stuck for new ways of approaching things

  • you feel stuck in your relationship

  • you have dreams that seem a million miles away

  • you are caught in traps of doubt, guilt, shame, or unworthiness

  • you struggle with heavy moods and emotions

  • you are unable to see a way to create effective change

  • you feel certain that there could be so much more joy in your life

Honey in the Heart unlocks repeating patterns by opening doors of clarity into

the core of your personal truth.


- A Powerful Therapeutic Approach -

Honey in the Heart weaves contemporary advances in neuropsychology with ancient knowledge and practice.

We will explore your interior world through a blend of evidence-based somatic, neuropsychology & psychotherapy techniques combined with ancient wisdom sourced from Tantric and Taoist traditions.

Our sessions will combine a deep inquiry into your current and past experiences with active transformative practices and meditations. Each session is designed to provide you with an embodied somatic experience.

Somatic experience is a highly effective method of grounding intentional change into your nervous system. It provides a lived experience template for future growth, which when combined with conscious direction allows deep transformation to occur.

Peak transformation occurs with repetition. Intentionally repeated somatic experience rewires your neurological pathways so that you automatically choose to act from your desires rather than your fears.

The powerful transformations experienced in each session are integrated into your nervous system with gentle release and meditation practices between sessions.

Honey in the Heart uses a therapeutic approach that recognises your inherent wisdom, allowing you to be the expert in your own life.

Together we will take a journey that acknowledges and supports your wholeness.


- Individually Tailored Program -

Your individually designed program will provide you with support and training in the following areas:

  • Gaining clarity on goals and desires

  • Aspects of Self

  • Relationships with mother / father / significant others

  • Intimate relationships

  • Body image

  • Inner child

  • Communication

  • Shadow work

  • Boundaries

  • Identity

  • Self worth

  • Emotional well-being

  • Sex & sexuality

  • Money

  • Study/career

  • Personal empowerment

- Frequently Asked Questions -

  1. How much time am I committing to this program?

    The program includes 12 x 90 minute face-to-face sessions plus one free 90 minute session.

    A regular weekly or fortnightly schedule offers you a framework of support for optimal transformation. If you are unable to commit to a schedule of weekly or fortnightly sessions, please contact me to discuss your unique situation.

    You will experience the most effective transformations if you complete a 10-30 minute practice 3-5 times between sessions.

  2. What is included in the program?

    The program includes the following:

    • 1 x free 20 minute consultation via telephone or video-link

    • 1 x free 90 minute introduction session attended in person or via video-link

    • 12 x 90 minute sessions attended in person or via video-link

    • Bespoke program tailored to your unique needs

    • Written notes and practices emailed to you following each session

    • Either an email exchange or a 15 minute phone call between each session to support your mental and emotional well-being

    • Embodied exercises, practices and meditations founded on evidence-based somatic, neuropsychological, psychotherapeutic, Tantric & Taoist techniques

    • Profound life-transforming therapeutic coaching

  3. How is therapeutic coaching different to life coaching or psychotherapy?

    Therapeutic coaching involves an active investigation around the issues you would like to work through in our sessions. We will work with current and past issues as they arise. The majority of time in a therapeutic coaching session is spent doing focused personal exploration, embodied transformational practices and personalised guided meditations. Therapeutic coaching uses both the mind and the body to access and transform your life issues. There is an accountability component in coaching, in which I support you to make active changes in your life.

    My training in both psychotherapy & integrated sex love and relationship coaching allows me to combine psychotherapeutic techniques and mental health support with coaching.

    Psychotherapy includes many different styles of talk therapy and counselling. Psychotherapy can support you though a life crisis or mental health crisis, help you to gain new perspectives and learn supportive techniques for managing your thinking.

    Life coaching supports you to identify, plan and meet goals with the support of a trained guide.

  4. What experience and qualifications do you hold?

    I hold a Bachelors Degree in Gender Studies & Language, a Graduate Diploma of Counselling, and Masters degree in Counselling, specialising in relationships. I am trained as a Sex, Love and Relationships Coach, through an intensive 660+ hour Certification program with Layla Martin at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, specialising in personal empowerment and relationship transformation.

  5. Do I need to be in a relationship to benefit from Honey in the Heart?

    Honey in the Heart will be just as effective if you are single or in a relationship.

    The Honey in the Heart ethos is founded on the belief that we as humans are always engaged in relationship… with ourselves, with place, with our families, with our friends and with our partners.

  6. How do I know if Honey in the Heart is for me?

    I offer you a free 20 minute curiosity call so that we can meet each other and you can ask me any initial questions about what to expect in the coaching process.

    During that call we can arrange a free 90 minute coaching session for you to experience the coaching process prior to committing to the program.

  7. Where will I go to receive Honey in the Heart?

    Honey in the Heart is offered onsite in the spectacular Mountain Room at 14 Weld Street, South Hobart, Tasmania


    Honey in the Heart can be accessed via video-link from anywhere in the world.

  8. Do you offer other programs?

    Yes! I offer a range of coaching programs and other services for individuals, couples, families and groups.

    Some of my programs have limited availability and may not be visible on my website.

    Sign up to my newsletter to receive occasional updates, or message me directly if you want to know more.

- Testimonials -



“Addy is a wonderful being bursting with love, warmth, and empathy! She has this gold combination of being super skillful and also down to earth and relatable. In her presence, I feel at ease, and both safe and encouraged to be my whole self.

Her experience and wisdom has been particularly helpful for me when I've hit resistance. She has helped me to work with my resistance, rather than against it, and to find creative paths to transformation which are both powerful and very doable. She has a way of going deep and figuring out what is really going on underneath, and then together crafting a way through that you feel good about.

I have felt so comfortable sharing things with her that I felt ashamed about because I could feel her compassion and I knew she wouldn't judge me.

Her approach is also very empowering. She is a true font of wisdom and has a broad toolbox of resources. But ultimately she guides you to source the wisdom and power from within yourself, which is a true gift.

I highly recommend Addy as a coach, and experiencing who you get to be and who you get to become in working with her!”



“Addy holds a depth, wisdom, and intelligence that is impactful just to be around. Since she’s trained both as a therapist and as a coach, she’s able to bring both science and intuition to the table, which is so transformative. I especially appreciate her honesty and directness. I felt like I had full permission to be all parts of myself around her.

I highly recommend working with Addy!”



“Addy is wonderful. I felt I was really held in a safe space when she coached me and that allowed me to dig deeper into myself. She is compassionate, has a very warm presence and makes one feel very comforted in the process of transformation, especially when we know how shedding layers of ourselves can be so hard when we don’t have the right person to guide us for it.”



“I have had the privilege to get to know Addy over the last year. My respect and love for her wisdom and presence as a woman has expanded with each interaction. I’ve witnessed her deep understanding of where another is at in their journey and she always has the perfect words and empathy to enable them to grow and realise where they need/wish to be in that moment. Addy has such a strong life experience of her own that I can’t imagine anyone not feeling understood and supported. She is the epitome of someone who walks the talk and has gone before us all in life experiences… she so embodies life that you will feel totally held and known. I remember Addy being approached by a passerby for how he felt her Queenly presence… so regal, full of grace and calm flow - she is totally that, and has the skills to guide you to your own expansion into your truest self by gracefully enabling you to find that place to let go and discover your whole self.”



“Addy is an incredible space-holder for transformation. I feel so safe and loved in her presence. She listens carefully for the subtle places where I am holding myself back, and provides sound insight and inquiry on how to move forward. She is literally a treasure trove of wisdom. I love that Addy pushes me in a way that makes me feel she truly believes in my greatness.”