I support people to move beyond survival into extraordinary thriving lives


About Addy


I am an experienced therapist, group facilitator and somatic relationship coach.

My work focuses on all aspects of love, sex, sexuality, empowerment, vitality, creativity, personal & interpersonal relationships, and physical, mental & emotional health and wellbeing.

I am passionate about supporting individuals, couples and groups to grow beyond survival into extraordinary thriving lives.



I am a PACFA Accredited psychotherapist with a post-graduate Diploma and Masters degree in Counselling.

Seeking to increase my skills, I am now trained as a Sex, Love and Relationships Coach, through an intensive 660+ hour Certification program with Layla Martin at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, specialising in personal empowerment and relationship transformation.

I also have tertiary qualifications in Gender Philosophy, and Language.

I have focused my ongoing professional development in the fields of trauma, relationships, addiction, family violence, and behaviour change.

I have worked extensively as a therapist in the fields of personal, relationship, and family counselling.

My work history includes years spent in criminal law, working in drug & alcohol recovery, supporting families of people with addictions, and group facilitation.


I adore spending time in nature

getting back to my soul

moving my body

I love to dance and tune in with musical rhythms

I love riding my bike

I love the life I share with my partner, children, friends and clients

My fascination with and compassion for human beings drives my passion to support people

I deeply understand and empathise with what it means to be human, with all the struggles, challenges joys, & pleasures that come with it



I am the mother of a teenage son and daughter who have been my great teachers. My journey as a parent has taken me through some of the most incredible, memorable experiences of my life.

As with all life journeys, parenthood has brought with it many challenges and learning curves. I am grateful for this experience and deeply believe that it has enriched my understanding of human relationships.


I have a lust for learning that is reflected in my diverse studies. I have studied fine arts, gender, philosophy, patternmaking, dressmaking, linguistics, literature, ancient civilisations, feminism, sociology, horticulture, permaculture, psychology, counselling, addiction, relationships, & sex, love and relationship coaching.

I take true delight in supporting people through their personal transformations