This is the Single Most Important Skill for Healthy Relationships

It constantly surprises me how people can be both so simple and so complex at the same time.

Daily in my work I see people together and alone who seek solutions to their relationship frustrations. The details of their stories are rich and varied. The nuances of their pains and passions, tender and revealing.

The human spirit is uniquely constructed in each and every one of us, and yet at the core of this wondrous diversity are some common truths…

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Love, truth and personal power


This year I am studying an incredible integrated Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching course, which daily peels back my layers. I am finding pieces of truth about myself, my body, and my relationships that astound and surprise me. I thought I knew me. I thought I knew my body, but in fact I’m learning that what I knew is only a whisper of possibility. I’ve learned that I am able to peel back what I thought I knew to reveal deep pleasures and pains. I am learning about power and truth, and how to integrate pieces of self that have held me back, or that can hold up my vulnerable (and powerful!) truth to the light of day. I have revealed pieces of me I previously didn’t dare dream into existence. I am I awe of the processes I am learning, and the ways I now know how to hold people in their tender selves, and to discover their incredible strength. I am so very excited to begin working with people with this new depth.